One of the many unique features we offer our Members/clients is the ability to send a letter to a commercial debtor who has paid their overdue account saying ‘Thank you’. This has the dual purpose of helping to keep a relationship going with your customer and reassuring them that you have notified us of their payment.

These are sent out automatically once you tell us you have been paid and at no additional cost to you.

Due to legislation unfortunately we are only able to send these to Limited or Plc companies but this normally makes up the bulk of the customers our Members/clients have.

I had an interesting case the other day, an erstwhile debtor rang our offices and emailed both us and our Member to complain they were still receiving letters from us after they had paid the overdue balance to our Member. They were very indignant and demanded an explanation and sent us a scanned copy of the letter.

It was actually a ‘Thank you’ letter and when I spoke to our Member they had already explained the situation to their client/former debtor, who were suitable embarrassed and apologetic.

This just goes to show that perhaps recipients of our letters react to just our letterhead before they get a chance to properly read the letters. They just see our name at the top and are motivated to action, irrespective of the content! That’s perhaps why we resolve well over 80% of the overdue accounts referred to us. If you need help with debt recovery, if you need a Credit Management partner, if you need help with debt collection, then why not give us a call and see how we can help you.

Cris Shirley

Service Manager