Debt Litigation

Fortunately, with the combined efforts of our Members and CPA, only a small percentage of accounts require litigation to achieve payment. CPA’s litigation professionals will discuss the case with you so that you may decide the best way to progress. Here comes the good news, for commercial debts in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, all the costs can be recovered from the debtor. So if your paperwork is sound, judgment is awarded to you in full and the debtor has the money, you should always get paid. If your situation isn’t as clear-cut as this, or the debtor is in Scotland or overseas, don’t worry, CPA can still help – just talk to us and discuss the options.


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Sell Us Your Debt

If you are not entirely certain about taking legal action against your debtor, why not talk to us at CPA. We may be willing to buy the debt from you. CPA’s PAID service (Payment Against Invoiced Debtors) will be happy to provide a competitive quote to purchase your debt and assume all collection costs.

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