Payment Code playing its part in improving payment practices

CPA Blog
Payment Code playing its part in improving payment practices The  Chartered Institute of Credit Management says the Goverment’s Prompt Payment Code (PPC) is having a demonstrable impact on improving the payment practices of larger firms. As the Code registers its
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Plans For a Smarter Energy System (E, S, W)

26/07/2017 29 actions to create a smarter, more flexible energy system are outlined in a new plan that aims to reduce energy bills by giving homes and businesses more control over the ways in which they store and use electricity and by
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Transforming Food Regulation (E, W, NI)

Farming, Fishing and Food
26/-7/2017 An enhanced system of registration for food businesses is the fundamental change at the heart of the Food Standards Agency’s plans to transform food regulation – ‘fundamental’ because under the current system, the FSA doesn’t know how many food
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People With Food Allergies Are ‘More Confident in Eating Out’ (UK)

Farming, Fishing and Food
26/07/2017 Research showing that people with food allergies are more confident in eating out since new rules changed the way food businesses have to provide allergen information to consumers, has been hailed by the Food Standards Agency as ‘strong evidence
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Shaping Aviation Strategy (UK)

26/07/2017 Innovative ideas such as check-in facilities in town centres and core topics such as how government can best support future growth are up for discussion in a consultation seeking views on a strategy that will enable the aviation industry
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