A goldmine owned by most business suppliers!

If you have supplied your goods or services to businesses and/or public bodies who paid you late, you have a hidden asset – indeed, you could truly be sitting on a goldmine!

Under little-known legislation, you became entitled to compensation every time you were paid late!

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Since 1914 CPA have been tackling late payments. CPA can safely and securely calculate the compensation you are due from past business customers who paid you late.

CPA have the expertise to realise the compensation that you are entitled to.

Why not put CPA’s century of experience to use? Your business could receive a welcome windfall!

We are extremely passionate about breaking the late payment culture that holds back the UK economy and threatens many SMEs, with cash flow difficulties being the single biggest killer of Britain’s small businesses.

If you were regularly paid late, we can help. Those former customers used your money to boost their own cashflow, by paying you late. As a result you had extra costs! You had the distraction of having to chase payments, and you had lost opportunity costs because your capital was tied up in their late payments.

You put up with the PAIN – now claim the GAIN!

This video will explain the concept in under 18 seconds.

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CPA - where late payment compensation meets satisfaction

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