Are you sitting on a hidden goldmine?

If your business has in the past supplied goods or services on credit to customers who often or never paid you on time, you have a hidden asset in your accounts. Indeed, you could be sitting on a goldmine!

Under little used and understood legislation, you are entitled to compensation when you are paid late for goods or services supplied to public bodies and commercial businesses.

If  you have been paid late in the past by commercial entities who are solvent and still in business there could still be great value in talking to us without obligation.

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See our full blog and FAQ on late payment compensation


What type of customers are we referring to?

Any multiple repeat-order customer for which you raised many invoices, such as
  • large retailers
  • distributors
  • manufacturers
  • PLC’s
  • public bodies
Indeed any business who has been a repeat credit customer of yours in the last 6 years where you have issued multiple invoices. CPA have the expertise to realise the compensation that you are entitled to. Why not put CPA’s century of collection experience to use? Your business could receive a welcome windfall!  For more information visit our blog on late payment compensation.

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