About Paid

We live in uncertain times – in an era where effective credit protection has become even more essential.   Since 1991 thousands of UK businesses have used the PAID service to assist expansion with peace of mind. The PAID system is simple and user friendly. It is directed at the minority of debtors who have failed to pay following letter cycle action. So by definition these debtors are the ones that present the most pressing credit control and collection problems – the ones that worry you the most!   PAID is not a full turnover product which means unlike other debt purchase and insurance products, you are not required to protect your less credit worthy accounts by paying high premiums or fees for the better established ones.  All that is required is that debts are submitted to our Overdue Account Recovery Service in a timely fashion and that reasonable care and prudence is taken in granting credit.

CPA is willing to consider the purchase of any undisputed debt which is a result of a business transaction providing the current UK address of the debtor is known and they are solvent. Please contact us to get a competitive quote and for full terms and conditions.   For peace of mind, rather than handle each debt separately, you can take out an add-on agreement to your CPA package which will give you the reassurance of a framework for the automatic purchase of your debts should they not be resolved by our Overdue Account Recovery service.

How Paid Works

We have great confidence in the efficiency of our Overdue Account Recovery service, but sometimes debtors do not pay.   In those cases we remind our Member that their money is at risk and invite them to submit the debt for purchase.  Provided reasonable care and prudence has been taken in granting credit and the debt has been submitted to our Overdue Account Recovery service as specified and in reasonable time, CPA will purchase the debt at our risk up to the agreed limits contained in the PAID Add-on Agreement.   Usually and within 10 days our member will receive our payment for the purchased debt.

The Benefits

PAID provides

  • Enhanced cash flow
  • The ability to deal with low net worth customers  who pay reasonably promptly
  • An automatic credit discipline which itself reduces bad debt risk
  • Secure business expansion
  • Peace of mind

Because of our confidence in our own collection abilities, PAID can provide this comprehensive service at an extremely competitive and affordable price.

Paid Recourse

Some businesses wish to make use of CPA information and collection services without necessarily needing bad debt protection. For these PAID offers the PAID RECOURSE service as an add-on to our main services.

Under these arrangements PAID assumes responsibility for all collection costs including if necessary, the cost of litigation. The Member knows that the purchase and collection process is in the hands of committed professionals and can look forward to payment less a modest debt purchase fee once PAID has achieved collection.

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