CPA Successes 23rd May 2017

By James Salmon, Operations Director

We had another great day today with some big debts collected using the Overdue Account Recovery service on our website. Well our members have had a big day. They are the ones who have benefited from the improved cashflow and liquidity. If we were working on a percentage then it would be have meant we had a big day financially. We are passionate about credit management so we will settle for knowing we have helped our members and encouraged their customers to pay on time. Hopefully though, given the benefits they have received, the members will want to carry on subscribing. It is good to see many of members continuing their subscriptions year after year or in some cases decade after decade.

We had one long standing member who has been with us over 12 years report today that no fewer than 8 debts recently passed to us had all been paid in full following our intervention. Those 8 debts were worth over £60,000. We direct the debtors pay direct to our members so we don’t see the recoveries coming in ourselves. We just have to celebrate second hand when our members report back to us.

An Air conditioning company in Berkshire was happy to report that after passing to us last week a £6000 debt from a Building Maintenance company that they had been paid.

A machinery company in the midlands came to us last week with a debt that was almost 4 months old, owed to them by an industrial company in the North East. I am sure they were very glad to receive payment today of their £4000 debt.

We also had an company in the advertising industry based again in the West Midlands tell us today that their £9000 debt owed by a packaging company had been paid. The debt was three months old when it was passed to us and it took a bit of effort, but the debtor eventually paid after our final demand.

I could go on but I am aware that while I care passionately about getting people paid, debt collection may not be your thing. I realise I am perhaps an atypical individual. For me, I get excited when we are able to collect the older debts, regardless of the size. We had a plant hire company in Kent come to us with a debt of only £500 that they had invoiced last year to a London based Demolitions business. It was great to receive the report today that they had finally been paid in full after we had got involved.

This really is the end of today’s post now and if you have read this far – well done and thank you. Hopefully if you ave some overdue accounts that you are worrying about – large or small, old or recent – then you will think to come and talk to a Credit Management company that has been zealously getting it’s members paid for over one hundred years.