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Do you sell goods or services on credit? Then CPA can help you!

“But we don’t have any bad debts!” you say.

Did you know that businesses lose more money through late payments than they do from bad debts?

How much are you owed in invoices that have gone past their due date?

Imagine what you could do with that cash in your bank!

Let’s face it, you want to focus on running your business and you would rather do anything else than chase those late payments.

Let the professionals handle the task.  The Credit Protection Association can get those late payers to pay up, boosting your cash flow and freeing you to concentrate on what matters to you.

Don’t let time spiral out of control, act now to free up the cash sitting in your ledgers!

Debt collectors are not all the same

The Credit Protection Association understands that success lies in not only recovering your money but also keeping your customers happy. We understand that business is based on relationships and unlike other debt recovery agencies, we do not take over the direct relationship with your customer but allow you to maintain normal contact. We always instruct your customers to communicate and pay directly to you.

The Credit Protection Association was founded in 1914 and for over a hundred years we have helped tens of thousands of UK businesses to reduce bad debt and get paid on time. You expect to be paid for the goods or work you supplied and we can help make that happen. We get you quickly paid in full in the vast majority of cases.

If you offer goods or services on credit in the UK, give us a call in confidence to see how we can help you with debt recovery on 0330 053 9263.

We have clients throughout the UK and internationally. We will have a local representative who will be able to visit and see how we can help, with no obligation to proceed whatsoever.

The Credit Protection Association provides businesses of all sizes throughout the UK with all the credit management services they need, all under the one roof, via our website, including customer credit information, overdue account recovery and credit protection services.With CPA’s extensive experience in credit management, we can provide you with expert assistance and a tailored solution, regardless of any business size.

Like most business people you are probably getting tired of customers giving you the run around when it comes to getting paid! Maybe you are you fed up with the endless excuses. Chasing payments is an unwelcome distraction and can be frustrating. Professional Debt Recovery can help to solve this problem – without upsetting customers.

We can help with:
A. Bad Debt Prevention (avoiding problems in the first place) and/or
B. Overdue Account Recovery (prompting punctual payment, whilst retaining goodwill) and/or
C. Debt collection (for the small number that don’t respond at first, our retained professionals can take legal action for you)

What CPA’s members say

We surveyed our members and when asked “How well do our services meet your needs?” 95.7% responded positively with over 52% giving the maximum result of “Extremely well”, 86.9% if you include “Very well”. When asked how likely is it you would recommend CPA to a friend or a colleague?”, 91% responded that they would do so. And when asked “how many stars out of 5 would you give CPA?” an impressive 91% awarded us 4 stars or more!

We have been using CPA for the last 8 years and I would highly recommend them. Up to date credit reports which help us make credit decisions, easy to use system. Great debt letter cycles. = less debts..” ~ Brick Manufacturer

We have been a member of CPA since May 1994 and have been provided with an excellent service. The online system is user-friendly and efficient and provides status reports whenever required. Communications are always first rate. We have had a high success rate of debts resolved.” ~ NHS Trust

Read more testimonials here.

Why you should call CPA without delay

Ideally, business would be easy and everyone would just pay on time without needing to be reminded. Services like CPA would not be necessary and we would happily go do something else. In the real world, suppliers regularly have to wait for payment, leaving them short of money to invest in their businesses or even pay their bills. Chasing slow payers ties up time and other resources that could be used much more productively. When one considers bad debts when customers go insolvent then it can all get troubling. We at CPA understand this and are passionate about helping deal with bad payers and warning of customers in difficulty. We want our members to be able to concentrate on making their own businesses successful.

Perhaps you might have reservations about using a debt collector. There is no need for worry. We are courteous, helpful and almost definitely had direct experience of working with a business like yours.

At CPA, we provide solutions, advice and support in all areas relating to the supply of services or goods on account. You receive everything you need to drastically reduce debtor days and write-offs from the one on-line source.

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How It works

No matter how diligently you open new accounts and no matter how robust your credit control is, many customers will simply not pay you on time. They don’t communicate with excuses or apologies they just do not pay.

This may be that they are short of money themselves. Sometimes bigger companies cynically use suppliers’ money for as long as possible before settling an account. Worst of all, late payment may signal financial difficulties and a write-off may be looming.

Maintaining customer goodwill and retaining hard-won customers appear on every business owner’s mission statement – the problem is achieving this and getting paid too!

CPA’s service can be tailored depending on the risk of non-payment and depending on whether or not you wish to maintain an ongoing trading relationship with any particular customers.

When they consider the time is right (often 5-9 weeks overdue), CPA Members input slow-payer information to the system and sit-back while CPA send a carefully crafted series of letters prompting payment directly to the supplier (Member).  The success rate for this service is, on average, 84% with the biggest impact being in the first week. Payment comes to you directly from your customer and the trading relationship continues as before. So you can have your money and your customer too.

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We have helped companies throughout the UK to recover debt for over 100 years! If you are looking for a professional, proven debt recovery service – contact us now for a confidential consultation.

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