BREXIT News update 25th July 2017

by David Baber, Managing Director.

From now on until Britain has left the EU, CPA are going to post regular blogs for the comments we have seen in the press and elsewhere about Brexit, which is perhaps the most momentous event that will happen to the UK for a very long time and will have long-term implications for every citizen living in this country for good or ill. We aim to be balanced in our reports which will be divided into three categories;

  • Category 1 – Positive comments on Brexit
  • Category 2 – Negative comments on Brexit
  • Category 3 – Neutral comments on Brexit

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Please find below our latest Brexit blog which has been compiled today on 25th July 2017:-

BREXIT; NEUTRAL COMMENT: In The Morning Account on 24th July, under the heading “Lower taxes are best for business” the Telegraph’s Roger Bootle says the prospects for post-Brexit Britain will improve if the government embraces lower taxes. He says that if taxes were to rise at just the time that the UK was negotiating its way out of the EU, it would only act as a deterrent to business. The Daily Telegraph, Business, Page: 28 

BREXIT; NEGATIVE COMMENT: In The Morning Account on 24th July, under the heading “Growth outlook for UK slips” it was reported that the IMF has cut its growth forecast for the UK this year after the economy’s weak performance in the first quarter. The IMF said it expects the UK to expand by 1.7% this year, 0.3 points lower than when it last made predictions in April. The IMF left its growth forecast for the UK in 2018 unchanged at 1.5% but said one risk facing the global economy was that Brexit talks would fail. Meanwhile, an analysis by the Guardian has found that the sharp fall in sterling since the EU referendum has yet to bring about the expected improvement in the trade deficit.  The Guardian, Page: 11