Dear members and visitors,

Sorry but unbelievably the issue with British Telecom and our phone line has re-occurred once again this Morning (Monday 29th January) after previous faults on Monday 8th, Monday 15th and Monday 22nd, so that any attempt to use our 020 8846 0000 line results in an engaged tone. We have reported the issue once again through our providers Maintel, to BT and are awaiting their response.

You can reach our reception on 020 4513 9740 where a message can be relayed to the necessary individual who will contact you by return. Or you can email our offices at ,,,, or

Thank you for your forbearance during the past few weeks.

We apologise for any inconvenience on behalf of British Telecom! As of yet they have been completely unable to to explain what on earth is going on. They are useless!

Kind regards

James Salmon
Operations Director