A Credit Management Company

The Credit Protection Association Plc is a Credit Management company.  But what is a Credit Management company? For most people who are not in the Credit industry the words might not mean much.

What is credit management?

Credit Management covers the whole range of activities that manages the granting of credit to the collection of payments. Credit Management will start with assessing a potential customer’s credit worthiness, to setting an appropriate credit policy for the customer and then assuring they pay on time, making sure credit costs are kept low, and late payments are dealt with in such a manner that payment is received without damaging the relationship with that client.

Why is Credit Management important?

As credit management is the process to that makes sure your customers pay for the products or services provided it is of vital importance to any business that provides their goods or services up fron t and expects to be paid afterwards. As long the payment is outstanding, there is a risk that the customer will not pay. The longer it takes the customer to pay, the higher the risk of non-payment. A business can have the best products or services in the world but if they are not paid for them then they will not be successful. Bad cash flow is the number one killer of businesses.

What CPA can do

The Credit Protection Association does all that. Yes we are a debt collection company but we are also far more than that. We can help our members assess their customers with our status reports, and we can monitor them for any changes. Our credit reports can help you give appropriate credit limits and payment terms to your clients. We can prompt punctual payment, our overdue account recovery service can politely resolve late payment issues and should payment continue to be withheld then our Debt Recovery department can help recover payment from your client with litigation if necessary, using our retained solicitors.

Will CPA be right for you?

Whether you are a small, one man firm or a large corporate with its own credit department, partnering with CPA and using our credit management service can improve your payment days and improve your cash flow. You may use entire package and fully integrate our services into your credit policy or you might decide to use just some of our services. Some of our members only use or credit reports to assess their clients, some just use our overdue account recovery service to prompt punctual payment. Some use us to chase all outstanding invoices; others only use us when their own collection efforts have not been responded to.

You can use us as you wish.  The Credit Protection Association was established in 1914 and our longevity is only possible because the CPA system, providing all the credit management tools a business could need under the one roof, really benefits our members and because we can adapt to our members’ needs. The Credit Protection Association can help improve your cash flow, we can help you trade with confidence and we can help you maintain your good relationships with your clients whilst collecting late payments.

All under one roof

The CPA system, providing all the credit management tools a business could need under the one roof, really benefits our members. Our credit reports can prevent you getting into difficult trading spots and then should those with good credit become bad payers, we can prompt punctual payment!

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