Are you being paid late by Public Sector clients?

A recent survey of engineering companies showed that 63% of suppliers who responded were experiencing delayed payment from their public sector clients including local authorities and the NHS.

In fact the survey showed that parts of the public sector are actually getting slower in paying their suppliers, despite promises made that they would be ‘best practice’ clients.

This slow payment even contravenes Government legislation requiring prompt public sector payment.

Are you paid late by customers in the public sector?  Then the Credit Protection Association has an proven track record in prompting punctual payment from Local Authorities, government departments and NHS trusts.

For our Members/Clients there is a simple solution. Just because you are dealing with a Local Authority or an NHS Trust does not preclude you from entering them on out tried and tested Overdue Account Recovery System for us to chase them on your behalf. Give us the details of the debt and we will pursue payment on your behalf.

CPA are different from other debt collectors, we ask your debtor to pay you direct and we do not charge a percentage of the recovery on the Overdue Account Recovery System. The service is covered in the subscription.

Time and again we have been seen payments quickly follow after we have got in contact with them. CPA speeds up the process and gets passed the excuses and delays.

In the vast majority of cases your invoices are being dealt with by a junior member of the accounts department and I’m sure they don’t want to have to explain to their Supervisor/Manager why The Credit Protection Association are chasing them!

As a quick tip to speed prompt payment they will invariably issue you with a purchase order number, always quote this in any correspondence and enter it in the ‘Additional reference’ field when referring an overdue account to us.

As always if you need any assistance then either give us a call on 0330 053 9263 and ask for Cris Shirley or get in contact to see how we can help you.

Cris Shirley
Customer Services Manager

22nd August 2017

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