Land Registry customers will be offered digital alternatives to paper conveyancing and registration, under changes proposed to the Land Registration Rules 2003.

Far from being a radical review of the rules, the proposed changes are the minimum the Registry thinks necessary pending the outcome of the review of the Land Registration Act 2003, which is currently being conducted as part of the Law Commission’s twelfth programme of work.

‘Proposals to amend the Land Registration Rules 2003’ are intended to

  • allow for fully digital conveyancing documents with e-signature
  • introduce new statutory services as requested by its customers
  • allow for more flexibility as to when Land Registry is open for business and open to the public
  • bring the rules up-to-date to reflect the modernisation and simplification of its services

The Proper Office Order 2013 and the Land Registration (Electronic Conveyancing) Rules 2008 will be withdrawn under the proposals, as they will no longer be needed.