Evidence of the impact of the introduction of the National Living Wage in 2016 and the April 2017 increase in its statutory rate is sought by the Low Pay Commission  – the independent body that monitors the impact of the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage – to inform decisions about future increases.

‘Low Pay Commission consultation 2017’ links to a consultation letter that seeks evidence on

  • how firms are adjusting to the new NLW rate
  • the economic outlook following the vote for Brexit
  • the impact of the NMW on the employment prospects of younger workers
  • the affordability and possible effects of future NLW and NMW rate increases – particularly in 2018

The Commission would also particularly welcome  the views of employers and employees in sectors that either employ a lot of minimum wage workers (e.g. retail and hospitality) or have a high proportion of workers on minimum wage (e.g. social care and hairdressing).

Stronger evidence will also be welcome from

  • cleaning and facilities management sectors – which have previously submitted little evidence
  • call centres and security – which are now more affected by the minimum wage
  • minimum wage employers and workers in non low-paying sectors
  • youth labour market experts