Why should you monitor your business partners?

The benefits of this service are obvious as far as your customer base is concerned, who wouldn’t want to know if  a CCJ registered against one of them! If your customer is in difficulty you need to know as soon as possible so you can change your credit policy for them or take action on outstanding invoices. But there is also the added benefit of keeping an eye on your competition and key suppliers to see how well, or otherwise, they are doing. Many of members also monitor themselves to be alerted to any external factors which could have affected their own credit score.

How can you monitor?

If as a member of the Credit Protection Association, you have access to our credit reporting facility, StatusReportLink, then you will be able to use our Monitoring facility.  To activate the service  go to ‘Global settings’ enter into the relevant box the email address where you would like us to send alerts and then ‘Save Global settings’.

When you then look up  a status report you will see the monitoring icon. Just click this to add the company to your monitoring list. The next time something happens that could affect the credit worthiness of your monitored company (we monitor all kinds of events from filings at Companies House to County Court Judgements being registered against them), you will be sent an email alert the next morning. Basically if their credit score or credit rating could be affected you will know about it.

The StatusReportLink section is also used to view and edit the list of companies you are monitoring as well as providing access to all alerts issued during the previous 60 days.

You will only receive an alert email if there is something to report and not necessarily every day. The alert consists of the monitored company name, their registered number and a brief annotation of the reason for the notification, such as New Accounts etc..  To view the full details of the alert, it is a simple matter of logging into the Members’ site and then clicking the hyperlink contained in the alert email.  If you wish to see the report then download it in the normal way.

As always if you need any assistance with this service or any of our others then just let our Service Desk know.


Cris Shirley

Customer services Manager

020 8846 0000  or

29th June 2017