Businesses looking to switch from the current ‘linear’ approach in which products are ‘made, used and sold’ to a more sustainable ‘circular’ economy in which maximum value is extracted from resources before they are recovered and re-used can now turn to a new BSI standard to provide a practical framework within which to manage their transition.

The circular economy is not a new concept but it has become increasingly popular in recent years as its potential to create economic, environmental and employment benefits have been more widely recognised.

It has also become increasingly complex, generating a mass of technical and theoretical information through which businesses need to navigate to identify what is relevant to them.

‘The rise of the circular economy: BS 8001:2017’ explains how BSI obtained government support in 2013 to begin the research that has resulted in what is claimed to be the world’s first standard for the ‘circular economy’.

There are links to original research reports and supporting annexes, as well as an executive briefing that explains

  • why the circular economy might be beneficial to a specific organisation
  • how BS 8001 can help identify the route it should best take to realise the direct and indirect benefits

There is also a link to the BSI Shop, from which BS 8001 is currently available at a special price.