The CPA Service Department.


Unlike so many ‘online’ companies, CPA is big enough to offer our Members/Clients a truly personal service.

If you have a query or question regarding an overdue account, debt, credit report, litigation or just need some help with something, give one of our Helpline team a call.

With decades of experience we will always do our best to assist, and if we don’t immediately know the answer we will keep going until we do!

Our office based Service Manager, Cris has decades of experience in the industry and there are not many situations or questions he hasn’t come across previously.  Our Field Service Manager, Julie also loves using her wealth of experience to assist our members make the best use of our services and install best practice in the credit management function. They are ably supported by Ana, Jacky, Meena and Jackie in helping our members get the most from our service.

For specific problems regarding outstanding accounts, Ray, Eileen, Natalie, and Godfrey of our Debt Recovery department each have tremendous experience and knowledge which they are all too willing to put at your disposal.

Please don’t sit there wondering what to do next about a troublesome account or a decision about opening a credit account, just call   020 8846 0000 and talk to us at CPA.

James Salmon, 29/3/17