Another debtor pays in full.

By James Salmon, 20/4/2017.

A fairly new member was still trying to resolve overdue accounts themselves. As is our practice, we talked to them regularly and a few weeks ago they decided to put their toughest case in our hands. They had done building work for a restaurant that was owned by an individual and as is often the case, they were having issues with being paid the final instalment, a substantial sum.  Deadlines were being ignored and responses to communications had dried up.


Immediately we were instructed, we dispatched the first polite letter. Often (about 60% of the time), just a single letter from the Credit Protection Association does the trick. The customer didn’t respond so we sent another polite follow-up letter – without response.  Our member wasn’t holding their breath.  So we sent our final demand letter which clarifies the seriousness of the situation and the consequences of continuing to ignore us.


This morning I received an email from a very happy member to say that the full payment had been paid directly into their bank account.


The Credit Protection Association were only too happy to help. We resolve thousands of similar accounts every month. All this was included in their annual subscription and there was no need for the additional cost of litigation.


Do you have any reticent customers that The Credit Protection Association could politely encourage to pay you?


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