A member from the Brewery industry contacted us back in June 2017 concerning a overdue debt of £800. When the case was sent to us it was already 11 months old!

There was some doubt as to the identity of the debtor, but after some investigation our team tracked them down and it was sent to our solicitors.

A Letter Before Action (LBA) was sent to ask the debtor to pay our member directly- this is by far the easiest option for debtors. There was some delay, but just before further involvement from us was taken, and before a claim was issued, the debtor paid the full amount straight back to our member! What a result!

Do you have debts in the brewing or hospitality industry? Do you have old outstanding invoices that need chasing? Are you unsure of your debtors identity?

We at CPA are pretty good at resolving these issues but why take the risk? Find out all about your customer and it will make getting paid a lot easier and more likely. If in doubt contact us at the Credit Protection Association and we shall see if we can help.

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