Email addresses

Members should remember we can also send an email copy of our letter cycle in addition to the hard copy to your overdue accounts. Just activate the service in ‘Global settings’ and you will then be able to add an email address when entering the debtor’s details.

We have been monitoring the results we achieve and there is no doubt that better results are obtained by our members when the debtor receives an email chase. We can only assume that, providing the address is correct, firstly it is much more likely to be seen, secondly people seem to take it more personally when our letter lands in their inbox and thirdly, It is far harder to deny receipt if the letter is also emailed.

It makes sense to always ask for email addresses when an account is opened, and regularly update these, and always try to get the MD or owners personal email address. A generic email address such as info@ or sales@ or accounts@ might not get seen by the decision maker and could be deleted by a gatekeeper. We quite often come across instances when the senior management were unaware invoices were not being paid and an email from us is an excellent way of bringing it to their attention!

As always if you have any queries about our service or credit control in general, please drop me an email at or call on 020 8846 0000 and just ask for me.

Service Manager

Cris Shirley

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