Tackling Tobacco Duty Evasion (UK)

Finance and Legal
21/02/2017 People who persist in smuggling small amounts of tobacco through Customs on a regular basis could face ‘multiplying penalties’ that increase by 100% of the potential lost revenue (PLR) for each subsequent wrongdoing committed within a specified period, under
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Credit Control in Somerset

credit management
Credit Control in Somerset If you are looking for credit control service in Somerset , then CPA can help. The Credit Protection Association was founded in 1914 and has helped tens of thousands of UK businesses to reduce bad debt
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Lorry drivers need lorry satnavs (E, W)

All lorry drivers who opt to use satnavs should be compelled to use commercial models with special features for lorries, argues the Local Government Association following the latest catalogue of accidents involving lorry drivers led astray by car satnavs. ‘Truck
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Managing government’s digital records (UK)

Much of the digital records accumulated by the government over the past 20 or so years “is poorly organised, scattered across different systems and almost impossible to search effectively”, admits a report compiled by the Cabinet Office in response to
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Building an Industrial Strategy (UK)

An industrial strategy that will enable the UK to build on its strengths to create a vibrant economy that delivers long term benefits to every part of the country is proposed in a Green Paper published by the Dept for
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