Credit Protection Association news 30/5/2017

In these posts we often took about the big debts we have recovered. However when one of members who provides supplies to hair salons told us that they had been paid on two debts of less than £100 each and both debts  were from 2016 then we were just as happy as when we recovered the larger debts. That’s what happens when you don’t charge commission for the Overdue Account Recovery service available to our members in the members area. Read more about that service here.

Today’s successes

Picking out some of our many corporate recoveries at random:-

One of our members in the transport industry logged in today to tell us they had been paid in full on  14 debts they had passed to us worth over £80k. 5 of those debts worth over £30k had only been passed to us a week ago. That first letter/email from the Credit Protection Association had clearly had a powerful affect on their debtors.

A Plant Hire company in the South East also reported a debt of over £13k  being paid by a East London construction company within a week of us commencing action.

One of our newer members in the cleaning industry reported that a six month old debt that they had asked to chase had been paid in full from a London based technology company. We look forward to replicating that success with their more current debts.

One of our members in Waste Management reported a debt successfully collected from a stonemason in Kent.


We collect debts from all sorts of debtors for all sorts of customers. If you are owed money on an invoice that has not been paid then maybe we can help you.

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