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A lovely email

Julie Bloom, our Field Service Manager had a lovely email from a member today. The member wrote “I am just writing to you to thank you and the team at CPA for all your hard work and help you have given us. As both me and Lorena do not have a lot of legal knowledge you and the team have always been there to help us. Even if we are not opening up a lot more credit accounts we still use the CPA system to help us with all new enquiries that we may have from potential new customers. We are constantly monitoring all our new credit customers and find the daily updates from that very helpful. Once again than you for always being there for us with your lovely smile and your wonderful knowledge.”

We love emails like this and we are so glad to hear that our service is so valued and appreciated by our members. We especially appreciate that our members appreciates the personal, knowledgeable service from our team.

Today’s Successes

We are sure many more of our members feel the same way. Just looking at the debts collected today, we see many reasons for our members to be cheerful. We collected over £50,000 for a Hotel chain that was owed by a large Media company. CPA sent them it’s final demand and the debt was paid in full. That will make the members modest subscription feel extremely good value.

A Gardening tool company collected nearly £5,000 from a machinery company in Hertfordshire and almost £7000 from lawnmower company in Northamptonshire. They have been members many years but the system still works well for them as they have seen almost 97% of the debts referred to us within the current subscription resolved.

One of our newer members based in Dumfries reported not one but two major debts as “Paid In Full” today. In the last few months we have collected over £200,000 for them and resolved over 90% of the accounts referred.

And a transport company in the midlands reported a debt of over £50,000 owed by a manufacturer as having been paid nearly two years after it had been invoiced.


We’ve seen recoveries come in today for Electrical companies, transport companies, manufacturers, colleges tool hire members, cleaning companies, facilities services companies, IT Service companies, Wholesalers, traders, media companies….  I could go on.   The Credit Protection Association can work for anyone who supplies services or goods on credit. If you have to raise an invoice and wait to get paid, then we can help you.  We can collect from big companies, small companies, when the Credit Protection Association gets involved, it elicits a reaction.

James Salmon, Director, Friday 26th May 2017

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