Debt Collection in Bolton

Debt Collection Companies are not all alike

If you based in Bolton and you are looking a Debt Collection agency then look no further than CPA!

Debt collection agencies are not all alike. Success lies in both recovering money and keeping customers happy. The Credit Protection Association was founded in 1914 and has helped tens of thousands of UK businesses to collect outstanding payments and reduce the risk of incurring bad debt. We believe that creditors deserve to be paid for the work or goods they have supplied but we fully understand the need to maintain the best possible relationship with customers!

CPA have offices based in Bolton and have local representatives to help you. We have many clients in Bolton and throughout the North West.

What we can do for you

CPA provides businesses of all types and sizes in the North West with a unique online service that fulfills all debt recovery needs, all under one roof. With our extensive experience in credit management, CPA is able to provide you with expert assistance and a tailored solution to meet every need.

We can help with:
A. Bad Debt Prevention (avoiding many problems in the first place) and/or
B. Overdue Account Recovery (prompting punctual payment, whilst retaining goodwill) and/or
C. Debt Litigation (if required, our litigation professionals can act for you)

Some customers who owe money can treat the payment of overdue invoices like a sport. They will not pay until the creditor has gone through numerous rounds of broken promises and excuses. It can be extremely frustrating, can’t it? We are the right debt collection agency to help to solve this problem – without unnecessarily upsetting your customers.

What CPA’s members say

We surveyed our members and when asked “How well do our services meet your needs?” 95.7% responded positively with over 52% giving the maximum result of “Extremely well”, 86.9% if you include “Very well”. When asked how likely is it you would recommend CPA to a friend or a colleague?”, 91% responded that they would do so. And when asked “how many stars out of 5 would you give CPA?”, remarkably there were no scores below 3 out of 5, with 9.1% giving us 3 out of 5, 27.3% giving us 4 and 63.6% giving us 5 out of 5!

One reply noted that “staff are very helpful and response to any query is quick”. Another said “Great at getting debt repaid”. One simply said the service was “excellent, reliable and efficient”. Another said “Very helpful and prompt service “. One member said “Very good service, helpful team at CPA, user friendly online portal”. While one business owner said the service was “Very good indeed. Hassle free and saves lots of time in the office as the CPA chase the unpaid debts for us.”

Yet another member said “I find it helpful as I had little experience checking credit reports and there is a lot of information available. The overdue account facility is extremely helpful to us.” One member said “The credit checking side is invaluable, to prevent offering an account to companies without a stable financial footing.”

Why you should call CPA without delay

If all of your customers paid their invoices on time, running a business would be much easier, wouldn’t it? In reality, you often have to wait for payment, perhaps leaving you short of money to invest in your business or even pay your bills. You also have to find the resources to cope with the extra administration caused by slow payers. Losses from customer liquidations and bankruptcies can be crippling. However most of these business failures were predictable and therefore avoidable.

Some people might be hesitant about contacting a debt collection agency. What are they going to be like? Can they help a particular type of business? There is no need for concern. CPA are corteous, helpful and very probably have had direct experience of working with your type of business.

At The Credit Protection Association, we provide solutions, advice and back-up in all areas relating to the supply of services or goods on account. Client-members receive everything they need from a single source to reduce debtor days and write-offs.

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