Debt Recovery: It’s Easier Than You Think!

Many business owners who harbour bad paying customers or late payers; put off chasing payment.

“The debt is too old!”

“The amount is too little!”

“The customer is too important!”

“It will take too long, and sever my relationship with the customer!”

Now THIS is the scariest excuse of all.

This does not have to be the case, and in many cases it simply isn’t.

Here at The Credit Protection Association we recognise the importance of the relationship between customer and supplier.

Many of our Members don’t want recovering the debt to sever all ties with a customer they’ve got history with.

And we will do what we can to keep it absolutely untarnished.

All correspondence between us and the debtor is polite and professional.

We will do everything to make the recovery quick and painless.

Many debtors who receive our first Very polite letter respond immediately. Hearing that an external company has become involved can sometimes spring them into action.

In the last two weeks CPA has had 122 cases of commercial debtors (excluding individuals) who responded- and paid in full- to the first letter we sent them.

No further action was needed!

Of course this isn’t always the case. Debtors can struggle and fight against paying back the debt, and this can prolong the case.

But those 122 commercial debtors Did respond; and it was quick and it was certainly painless!

Furthermore, over 100 of our Members have reported full repayment less than ten days after the first letter was sent! Almost 40 reported repayment after less than 96 hours!

When it comes to credit management, it is a numbers game. And these ones speak for themselves!

We will do all we can to sweet talk your customer into paying back within the month.

And if not….

We will fight to the tooth to make sure you have the money as soon as possible!

Don’t let your fears ruin your cash flow!

Please get in contact with the team here at CPA if you have any outstanding debt that you want recovered.

Do not hesitate to get in contact with us for help and advice. Please pass the matter to us as soon as possible as the quicker we act, the more likely we are to be successful!

Ella Bond 8/12/2017

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