Security Should Be Rewarded: Successful Recoveries

5th December 2017.

As the internet grows and we see advancements to our lifestyle, so does our fears for personal security.

Security needs are growing as technology advances.

Whether it’s cyber crime, fraud or identity theft, it is becoming just too easy to exploit someone’s safety.

Severe security events such as the incident in Borough Market has also put a lot of pressure on London-based businesses, who are desperate to protect their employees and their company

Just last month, tech giant Google was excused of exploiting consumers’ iPhone browsing habits. Please see our previous news article for more info on this breach.

Here at The Credit Protection Association we have a number of Members from the security industry. Their services are in dire demand by businesses, but they are still encountering late payers and even bad debtors.

This will not do!

We encourage our Members to fight for what is theirs, and below are some success stories when we’ve done just that!

Last month, one of our Members from the security industry approached us with a debt that was already 7 months old! The case was processed and sent to our solicitor, and a Letter Before Action (LBA) was sent.  The LBA was ignored and a claim was issued to the debtor’s address. Judgement was entered, but just before enforcement officers were to be instructed the debtor paid the full amount to our Member!

Similarly, back in October we received a debt from another Member in the security industry which was almost a year old! The debtor was an office equipment supplier, and the Member didn’t want to aggravate the relationship with the customer any further. Luckily for them, we sent them a LBA and within 24 hours they had paid our Member the full amount! They clearly just needed a little push!

Also in October, our litigation team were approached by another one of our Members in the security industry who needed our help with a debtor from the Events industry. The debt was already 5 months old and the debtor owed our Member multiple amounts. We sent the LBA, but it was ignored so a claim was issued. Before enforcement was pursued, the Member had received back the full amount!

A couple of months ago we received a debt from our Member in the fire and security industry,  and the debtor was a local hotel chain. Once again, we sent them one letter and within a fortnight this time, our Member had received the full amount!


It is a business’ responsibility to keep their employees safe, but it is also their reponsibility to pay their suppliers on time and the full amount!

Here at The Credit Protection Association we think that you should get paid for any goods or services you supply!

And we will fight your corner!

Whatever industry you are in, get in touch and let us help you get paid!

Do you have debts owed to you by your customers? Do you have old outstanding invoices that need chasing? Are you being weighed down by bad debt?

Here at CPA we are happy to help and love a challenge! Go ahead and contact us at the Credit Protection Association and we can talk you through the next step.

Ella Bond 05/12/17

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