Palmer & Harvey, which employs about 4,000 people, is the biggest tobacco distributor in Britain, supplying all of Tesco’s stores and thousands of others owned by rival supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s is in difficulty. They are attempting to recruit new investors to help thrash out a long-term agreement with two of the world’s biggest tobacco manufacturers.

A rescue of P&H is far from inevitable, with talks about a refinancing only having been completed a few months ago.

If the company collapsed, however, it would create huge supply chain headaches for Imperial Brands and Japan Tobacco International, which between them own brands such as L&B and Silk Cut.

It would also hit the thousands of Small to Medium Sized businesses that trade with it.

We have spoken to a couple of potential clients in the last few weeks who are deeply concerned about the debts they are owed.

Previously they have brushed us off, saying “we only deal with blue chips, we don’t need help with credit management” but now they are realising that even big companies can get into difficulties and it would help to have a credit management partner who can help you see changes occurring to your big blue chip clients and help you get paid should you have outstanding invoices.

CPA provides Business Owners and Credit Managers with a complete package, including customer credit information, debt recovery and credit protection services. With extensive experience in credit management, we can provide you with expert assistance and the right solution, regardless of your business size. We will have a local representative who will be able to visit and see how we can help, with no obligation to proceed whatsoever.

We regularly recover money from big companies and organisations who were witholding payment beyond terms from our members. Large enterprises can willfully ignore SME suppliers when it comes to payment but are quick to respond when The Credit Protection Association gets involved.

If you are a supplier of Palmer & Harvey you probably were not worried before whether you were going to get paid on your outstanding invoice. Now  though you might be more concerned. It pays to have a credit management partner who can speed up your payments and also keep an eye on your customers for signs of financial stress.

The Credit Protection Association provides businesses of all sizes throughout the UK with all the credit management services they could need, including credit information, debt recovery and legal services. With our extensive experience in credit management, we can provide you with a tailored solution, regardless of your business type or size.

Perhaps you are concerned about a big company, a blue chip that owes you money? Perhaps you have heard disturbing reports in the media. CPA can help you.

What our members say

The service has proved to be everything that you said it would be, and we have already seen a huge benefit. We have had a number of overdue accounts paid promptly and directly to us, and it is also a huge weight off our mind to know that once we have passed an overdue payment over to you, you take care of everything whilst keeping us fully in the loop.” ~ Engineering company

We surveyed our members and when asked “How well do our services meet your needs?” 95.7% responded positively with over 52% giving the maximum result of “Extremely well”, 86.9% if you include “Very well”. When asked how likely is it you would recommend CPA to a friend or a colleague?”, 91% responded that they would do so. And when asked “how many stars out of 5 would you give CPA?”, remarkably there were no scores below 3 out of 5, with 9.1% giving us 3 out of 5, 27.3% giving us 4 and 63.6% giving us 5 out of 5!

Why you should call us without delay

You might be concerned about outsourcing Credit Management. What are the agents going to be like? Will they understand our particular needs? There is no need to worry. We are courteous, helpful and most probably have had direct experience of working with businesses who have the same needs as yours. CPA’s online system means you will remain in complete control over what accounts we assist you with. CPA’s system will be totally compatible with your own business requirements.

At The Credit Protection Association, we provide solutions, advice and support in all areas relating to the supply of services or goods on account. You receive everything you need to reduce overdue days and write-offs, all under the one roof .

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