Success of our email overdue account recovery system

I recently assisted one of our new members who was using our system to enter an overdue account with the debtor’s email address in the members only area . I explained to our Member how the CPA system works. If you provide us with an email address along with the physical address and your email address is set in “global settings” then we will send our chase letters to debtors both via email and hard copy. At just after 1pm the email copy will go and the hard copy in the post that afternoon.

I did warn her she may well get a response shortly after the email is sent as debtors seem to be much more concerned about receiving a letter to their inbox than through their letterbox! Perhaps it’s a modern day thing? I think she thought I was joking but I assure her it does regularly happen.

At 3pm I received an incoming phone call from our new Member with the great news they had received an electronic payment from the erstwhile debtor for the full amount outstanding.

Good news indeed!

So the moral of this story is wherever possible get your customers email address, preferably the owners/ MD’s, and make sure you copy them in when you send any of your own chasing letters/emails. The personal address works far better than info@, sales@ or some other general email address. This requires some forethought as it usually much easier to get that email address when they are placing an order than when you are chasing payment.

CPA’s unique overdue account recovery method has always been able to rapidly improve your cash flow and improve the profitability of YOUR company. This is proof that giving us the email address just speeds that process up!

If you have slow paying overdue accounts and would like to bring them into line and get more cash into your companies bank account, why not give us a ‘no obligation’ call and see if we can be a cost effective solution? No matter how good your present arrangements are there is always scope for improvement.

Cris Shirley
Customer Services Manager
0330 053 9263

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