Christmas is coming!!!!!!

We know it’s a frightening thought but there are only 64 working days until Christmas with all its lame excuses for non-payment.

Remember if you give your clients 30 days credit terms from the date of invoice then anything you bill from now on will not be payable until the middle of November. If there are habitual slow payers then that will take it into December and the excuses start.

It’s even worse it you trade under net monthly terms. Nothing will become due until the end of November at the earliest and hey presto it’s December and the merry go round begins.

If you want to avoid this potential nightmare then it makes sense to start planning now.

What can you do?

Firstly make sure you have an email address for your customer, that way the ‘lost in the post’ excuse is negated.

Secondly  ensure your invoices go out on time, preferable both in paper in the post but also electronically by email.

Thirdly,  refer the overdue account to us perhaps a little earlier than you normally would so that we can start to chase them before they get into xmas mode.

Lastly answer promptly any queries they raise immediately and confirm that now you have supplied the copy invoices or whatever, you expect payment to be made as soon as is possible.

If you are being given the run around by debtors, click here to see how to overcome common excuses for non-payment.

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Cris Shirley Customer Services Manager

23rd October 2017

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