UK Businesses Take Note; Scotland Launches Return to Work Programme

12th January 2018.

In welcome contrast to the controversial gender pay figures, a new work placement programme in Scotland has been launched encouraging out-of-work female professionals. This new initiative has been launched offering work placements to former employees of the financial sector, who had taken a career break. Considering recent criticism that the modern workplace is too male-orientated, this new programme will be welcomed by many employees and employers alike. While only centred on the Scottish region, The Credit Protection Association throws its support behind it, and we hope it will filter into businesses in the South East.

The Returners to Financial Services programme will run from April to June and will offer applicants paid ‘returnship’ placements to refresh their skills and equip them for employment.

Funded by the Scottish Government, there are a number of respected firms participating in the programme, including BNP Paribas Securities Services, CYBG, Hymans Robertson, and TSB.

Hazel Little, coaching and programme mentor at consulting organisation Women Returners, has full support for the scheme and sees it as providing women with a “supportive bridge” back to a professional role.
Two free events are being held next week in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, which will allow ‘returners’ to hear more about the placements and network with the other female professionals and firms involved.

There is a bottomless supply of bad news for employers at the moment, from declining employment and Brexit, to gender inequality in the workplace. Scotland, however, has made impressive strides and have encouraged female workers to return to the workplace. The Credit Protection Association is an employer as well as a credit management company and has full support for encouraging women back into the financial services. We encourage an equality of sexes in our workplace, and equally, encourage our Members to do the same.

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