Patisserie Valerie’s accounting black hole grows.


The gap in Patisserie Valerie’s accounts has widened to £94m, according to administrators at KPMG, as their report reveals that the café chain overstated its cash position by an estimated £54m. Following its collapse in January, the group was originally found to have overstated its cash position by £40m, but investigations now suggest a further £54m of unstated debts, with the company having failed to disclose overdrafts worth £10m and overstating its assets by £23m.


The report published by the administrators confirms: “Further analysis by the directors and forensic accountants in the following months led the board to understand that the consolidated accounts were overstated by approximately £94m.” It adds that Patisserie Valerie should consider taking legal action against several parties, including auditors Grant Thornton, after a scheme of inflating accounts led to the company’s collapse.


Regulators are combing accounts


“Thousands of false entries into the company’s ledgers” were revealed after the firm entered administration at the start of the year, with the scale of the company’s debts – concealed by fraudulent accounts – still coming to light. Suspicions regarding inflated profit margin and sales figures reported by the group’s accounts were first raised by HMRC over two years ago, with the Treasury suspecting that some invoices may have been forged.


In October 2018, majority shareholder Luke Johnson provided £20m in rescue funding to keep operations running in the short term, but despite this the company collapsed in January after failing to reach a deal with lenders and admitting it was unable to pay wage costs for the month as the “direct result of . . . significant fraud.” A host of regulators including the Serious Fraud Office, Insolvency Service, Financial Reporting Council and HMRC fraud investigation service are currently looking into the company’s accounting documents and servers to establish evidence of misconduct.


Piecemeal sales aim to raise £17m


The administrator’s current strategy is to dismantle and sell off the parent group’s seven companies individually, in a move that it is hoped will raise an estimated £17m. Several of the businesses have already been offloaded – with the Baker & Spice café chain sold in February for £2.5m. The Patisserie Valerie chain itself has been sold to Irish private equity firm Causeway Capital Partners for £8m, and the Philpotts sandwich chain has been sold to AF Blakemore & Son for £5m.


Meanwhile, five individuals and one supplier are thought to have been named in a report identifying fraudulent accounting practices at the parent company. The group’s former finance director Chris Marsh is under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office and was imprisoned on related charges earlier this year. The supplier implicated is accused of issuing fake invoices. Others company suppliers were affected significantly by what administrators have termed a widespread pattern of late payments, with the group’s 60 day payment terms allegedly exceeded by double in some instances.

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