Royal Mail strike ruled illegal

London’s High Court has ruled that the planned next week’s strike by Royal Mail workers would be illegal. Workers were set to walk out next Thursday for two days in protest over pensions, wages and jobs. However, the Royal Mail took legal action to prevent the strike, saying the strike was unlawful because the Communication Workers Union (CWU), whose 89.1% of members voted for a strike, did not properly follow the dispute resolution procedures.

It would have been the first strike since the privatization of Royal Mail four years ago. The Union said it was “extremely disappointed” and described the ruling as “a desperate delaying tactic from a board who are increasingly out of touch with the views of its workforce”. The CWU has said that Royal Mail workers will lose as much as a third of their retirement entitlements as a result of the firm’s pension reforms, which had been the major catalyst for a strike.

The Credit Protection Association’s members will be glad to hear of the strikes block although the threat of future action still seems more than likely. We must hope that talks will prevail.

The last thing we need is for debtors to be able to have yet another excuse for non-payment; “Sorry I posted the cheque, it must be caught up in the back logs caused by the strike”

Encourage your customers to pay electronically to avoid this problem.

And if you do have any later payers, instruct us to take action as quickly as possible so we can collect payment on your behalf before a strike hits. Let us get our letters out before a postal strike hits!

And even better, give us their email address so we can chase by email too.  The Royal Mail strike won’t hold up emails.

James Salmon


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